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Experience the epitome of luxury with our premium home decor collection. From stunning wall art to elegant furnishings, each piece is meticulously crafted to elevate your living space. Immerse yourself in opulence and create a truly refined ambiance. Shop now and indulge in the finest selection of home decor to enhance your lifestyle.

Turk Trinket Drawers

Embrace the essence of turkish artistry with this enchanting drawer set, designed to safeguard your precious jewelry and gems. Each drawer is adorned in a kaleidoscope of vibrant turkish colors, creating a captivating mosaic that mirrors the rich cultural heritage. Beyond it's utilitarian purpose, this piece of effortlessly transitions into a showpiece, turining your cherished accessories into a display of both elegance and tradition. Enhance your space with this functional and visually stunning addition, where the practicality of storage harmonizes with the vibrant beauty of turkish design.

Hay Haven

Elevate your decor with "Natural Elegance : Handcrafted by Hay Hevan." This unique showpiece is a testament to skilled artistry, featuring a meticulously crafted Hay Nest. It's natural textures and earthy tones bring rustic charm to any space, seamlessly blending simplicity with sophestication. A symbol of handcrafted beauty, this hay nest serves as a captivating focal point, adding a touch of nature's artistry to your home.

Grey & Golden Guiding Faces

Behold the "Guardians of Virtue" a small grey & golden idol featuring three serene faces embodying timeless wisdom. with a gentle reminder, each face whispers "Don't listen bad, don't say bad, don't see bad". This harmonious blend of colors and profound guidance transform this idol to a meaningful and visually captivating symbol, encouraging a path of positivity and mindfulness in every glance.

The Melodic Ensemble

Introducing "Eclipsed Harmony" a musical band ensemble in striking golden & black tones. Each intricately crafted figures embodies the spirit of music, frozen in dynamic poses, while the contasting colors add a touch of drama & sophestication. This ensemble not only celebrate the artistry but also harmonizes the visual allure of gold and black, creating a captivating symphony for both the eyes & soul.

Love Duet

Expressing the essence of romance with this small idol capturing a couple in love, adorned in a captivating emerald green hue. The graceful curves of the figures evoke a sense of intimacy and connection, with the lustrous green finish adds a touch of opulance. This enchanting piece not only celebrates love but also stands as a testament to the beauty of artistic craftsmanship, bringing a harmonious blend of color and emotion to your space.

Three Faces of Eve

Intriguing & enigmatic sculpture portrays a human with three faces. The due imparts a sense a mystery & sophestication to the piece. Crafted with meticulous details, each face reveals a different face of emotion, creating a captivating interplay of shadows and forms. This unique sculpture, with it's dark asthetic, invites contemplation on the complexity of human expression and profound layers that define our innerselves.

The Motherhood

A remarkable brass carving unfolds a poignant narrative of the maternal love in the wilderness. Crafted with precision, an Elephant mother gently cradles her baby in her massive, intricately detailed trunk. The depiction resonates with emotion, portraying the nurturing bond between parent and offspring. As sunlight catches the textured curves, the carving narrates a story of familial devotion within the majestic backdrop of the wild, showcasing the artist's skill in conveying both strength and tenderness through the artistry of the artisry of brass.

The Blowing Kiss

A petite statue capturing a moment of timeless charm - an enchating lady with delicate features, blissful expression. Flowing lines define her elegant form as she gracefully leans forward, lips poised in a gentle pout, sending forth a sculpted kiss. The lustrous brass finish adds warmth, accentuating the fine details that make this statuette a captivating embodiment of affection & beauty.

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Immerse yourself in the luxury of our premium tableware collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our elegant and stylish pieces will elevate your dining experience to new heights. Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Shop now and set your table with sophistication and grace.

Black Hammered Square Elegance Platter

Embrace modern glamour with our Black Hammered Square Platter crafted in ceramic. The distinctive hammered texture adds a touch of sophestication to this sleek black masterpiece. Ideal for showcasing your culinary creations, this plate combines conemporary design with practical elegance, making every meal a stylish affair. Elevate your dining experience with this unique and versatile ceramic square plate.

Grey Horizon Tray

Introducing "Earth Essence" a ceramic tray in muted grey tones with a hint of golden lining. This exquisite serving tray harmonizes natural elegance with a touch of opulance. Crafted for both style & functionality, it transforms your dining experience into a visual delight. The earthen look of the tray provides a grounded aesthetic, with a golden accents add a touch of sophestication. Elevate your food presentation with this versatile & stylish piece that seamlessly combines warmth & luxury.

Ceramic Chutney Palette

Emarald Fusion : A ceramic chutney platter in green and eaarthy brown hues. This exquisit piece features three thoughtfully designed compartments, bringing a touch of elegance and practicality to your dining experience. The vibrant colors and functional design make it a delightful addition to your dinner table, enhancing the presentation of your favourite chutneys and condiments with a dash of style.

Blue Dip

Elevate your dining experience with a ceramic plate and dip bowl adorned in captivating turkish blue hues. The plate, a canvas of intricating design, features swirling patterns reminiscent of the cerulean Mediterranean sea, dance accross the surface, while the dip bowl complements with a smaller canvas of complementary beauty. Together this set brings the allure of Turkish culture to your table, merging functionality with an asthetic that transports you to the vibrant landscapes and rich heritage of Turkey.

Vintage tray cake stand french style

Elevate your dessert presentation with a vintage tray cake stand inspired by French style. This charming piece exudes timeless elegance, featuring intricate details and a touch of rustic allure. Perfect for showcasing your delectable treats, it adds a dash of sophistication to any occasion, inviting a hint of Parisian flair to your culinary delights.

Blue Mudhubani Print Wooden Tray

This Blue Mudhubani Print Wooden Tray is an exquisite addition to any home décor. Crafted in a modern Madhubani style, it's an elegant and stylish piece that will bring a touch of beauty and luxury to any space. Its unique design will be sure to turn heads and be a conversation starter.

Floral Wooden Classy Tray

This Floral Wooden Classy Tray is a timeless accent piece for your décor. Its exquisite floral design, beautiful craftsmanship, and stylish tray make this single purchase a stunning statement addition to any room. Make your home more sophisticated with this exquisite tray.

Wooden Plumeria round platter / natural finish Size 14″ Inch


Enjoy your meals more with the graceful colour combinations of the Plumeria 14” Inch (35.56 cm) Round Plate. The base is wooden colour with tools. The plate can be used for formal and informal occasions lighting up your evenings or night. Braided edges add to its beauty and its unique design. The plate will keep your food warm longer on plate than any other material. Order now from our website decothrive.

Product Specification

  • Material: Wooden
  • Pack of 1
  • Color: wooden color and silver
  • Finish: ENAMELED
  • Size: 14 inch
  • Tone: Two tone
  • Shape / Design:Rround design
  • Ideal for: Serving plate / tray

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Multicolor Kalakari Design Table Runner

This beautiful table runner is made from the finest polyster and mix of nylon material. Hand-block print detailing and artistry put together to create this ravishing piece of art.

Classic Golden Black Royal Chess

Our Classic Golden Black Royal Chess set is the perfect addition to any sophisticated home. Expertly crafted with refined materials, this timeless piece is sure to captivate. Its stylish, modern design and golden black colour bring a regal flair to your décor. An ideal way to accent your space in style and elegance.

Multicolor Kalakari Design Gathbandhan Pattern Table Runner

This table runner will give marvelous look to your glass furniture or wooden furniture specially when it is design with some extra elements such as yello stone, black wollen mills.

Royal classic chess roman bronze

Entertain with a lavish touch with the Royal Classic Chess Roman Bronze. Expertly crafted in rich bronze, this classic chess set is an opulent addition to your home, adding a touch of regal sophistication to your game nights. A timeless and elegant classic.

Three Faces of Eve

Intriguing & enigmatic sculpture portrays a human with three faces. The due imparts a sense a mystery & sophestication to the piece. Crafted with meticulous details, each face reveals a different face of emotion, creating a captivating interplay of shadows and forms. This unique sculpture, with it's dark asthetic, invites contemplation on the complexity of human expression and profound layers that define our innerselves.

Snobby Resin Bubble Girl with Plate Sculpture

Add a touch of luxury to your interior décor with this beautifully handcrafted Snobby Resin Bubble Girl with Plate Sculpture. Meticulously made from premium resin by skilled Indian artisans, this intricate piece of art is sure to enhance any home.

Royal jammy Angel wings lamp

Grace your side table with a touch of opulence using this royal lucky angel wing lamp. The intricate design, featuring angel wings, adds a celestial elegance, enhancing the beauty of your room. Illuminate your space with a blend of charm and grace, creating a captivating ambiance.

Roost Drop Lamp

SUITABLE FOR: Bedroom, Living room, Café, Restaurant, Hallway, Kitchen, Over the Dining Table, Hotels, Malls, Lobby, Shops, Clubs, Bars etc.