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12″ Inches Blue Ceramic Cut Leaf Platter

Bring a touch of nature to your table with this exquisite 12" Inches Blue Ceramic Cut Leaf Platter. This handmade, premium ceramic platter is perfect for serving food, featuring a beautiful leaf-shaped design. Perfect for any occasion, the elegant leaf design will bring an artistic touch to any table setting.

Beautiful Cashew Shape Bowl Silver Color Size 10″ Inch- Metal Art Work

This bowl has a fascinating look and fantastic silver finishing. This Cashew Shape silver bowl is solid and suitable for serving berries, dry fruits or cookies.

Beautiful Tray Set cutting design two tone Copper Meena Finish, Size 6″ X 12″ Inch

This set of beautiful trays from “Beautiful Tray Set cutting design two tone Copper Meena Finish” is made from high-quality Brass metal and finished in two tone (Copper and Meena). It can nest together nicely to save space in kitchen cabinets or on the dinner table. The elegant and simple design also gives it a perfect show in your utensil case of kitchen.

Blue Butterfly Ceramic Tray

A butterfly shaped dishes that have fins, a tail and an eye. The butterfly plate and fish bowls can be used for as cereal bowls or fruit bowls for breakfast or can be used to serve small portions of meals or snacks to the kids. The delightful fish dishes have a handle which makes it convenient to hold and it is set to become the favourite.

Brass Golden Color Bloom Triple Platter Dish Size 17″ Inch

Crafted to perfection and radiating creativity, this top-class tableware piece is a great to buy / gift for rich taste, fine choice for expensive things.

Brass Honey Dew Platter – Size 14 Inch

This truly timeless tableware is well-suited for any occasion from formal gathering to festival gathering. This Honey Dew Platter will add charm to the tableware collection.

Chip & Dip Platter – Beige

A must-have for any tableware collection to improve your hosting game is a chip and dip dish. This iconic dish

Chip And Dip Platter – Blue

A must-have for any tableware collection to improve your hosting game is a chip and dip dish. This iconic dish is made of white material and has a matte finish. It may be used to serve nachos, fritters, kebabs, chips, and much more. The colour scheme was inspired by shuttle-related items. Because this product is handmade, there may be some difference in the colour and texture of the actual piece; nevertheless, this should not be viewed as a flaw.  

Geometric Embossed Serving – Set Of Three Bowl And Tray

Can be used to serve snacks, fruits, salad and refreshments Volume:170 ML. Microwave safe, Dishwasher Safe, Lead Free. No direct heating or Induction possible. Do not use Hard scrubber for cleaning. Only soft scrubber is recommended.

Golden Lotus platter Size 12″ X 12″ Inch


For centuries the lotus has been a symptom of peace, positive energy and tranquility. This Golden lotus platter is the perfect accessory for a kitchen and dining item used as decorative piece, symbol of eye-catching item.

People will feel luxurious and elegant but in the simplest of ways. They are a beautiful tableware or shelf accessory, used alone or when combined.

Specifications : 

Material: Metal

Size : 12 inch x 12 inch

Meena Finish Leaf and Bird Beautiful Oval Tray Size 7.5″ X 17″ Inch

This beautiful and unique Meena Finish Leaf and duck beautiful oval tray product is perfect table setting item. The dining table set item made from brass metal is durable and long lasting. Beautifully designed oval tray, this tray makes a decorative statement in your home. If you are looking for a oval shaped tray that you may use for dinner as well as on special occasions, buy now this item for your special dinnerware set.


Material: Metal

Size : 7.5 inches x 17 inches

Parallel Leg Platter / Tikka Platter

Made with premium materials, it is a gorgeous leaf-shaped platter perfect for any collection.