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2 – Bowl Hammer (Gold)

The two bowls can be used to keep fruits or snacks, and can also be used as a key bowl or décor item. The bowls are made of stainless steel, have a Gold finish. Rinse in clear water and dry with a soft cloth or tea towel.

Black Classic Print Bowl Salad Bowl with Serving Spoon

Elevate your next dinner party with this beautiful and stylish black salad bowl. Made of classic porcelain, it features a timeless print that will look stunning on any dinner table. The accompanying serving spoon completes the set, making it perfect for both casual and formal gatherings.

Black Coral Ceramic Portion Bowl – Set Of 2

This handmade, handcrafted ceramic portion bowl from India is luxurious tableware for any occasion. Add a touch of sophistication to your table with this unique piece of luxury.

Blue Print Salad Wooden Salad Bowl With Serving Spoon

Freshen your kitchen with this exquisitely designed Blue Print Salad Wooden Salad Bowl. Boasting a stylish blue exterior, this bowl will add an air of sophistication to your dining table. It comes complete with a matching serving spoon for effortless service. Serve your salads in style and experience a luxurious mealtime.

Blush Emerald Button Serving Ceramic 7″ inches Bowl

This luxurious Blush Emerald Button Serving Ceramic 7" Bowl is both handcrafted and handmade in India. unique button design gives luxurious experience for dinner guests.

Blush Emerald Ceramic Bowl – Set of 2

This red small bowl is crafted from luxurious ceramic coated with a soft emerald glaze. Handmade and handcrafted by artisans in India. A touch of elegance to your tableware.

Brass Deer Bowl

This product has been casted in Brass and has been hand crafted in Royal Golden & Pearl White to give it a fantastic look. This brass bowl is giving a perfect charm to your dining table.

Carnation Green Serving Bowl 7.5″ Inches

Its size and depth make it best-suited to serving fruits, chips, curries, or anything else you like and it's handcrafted.

Classic 7″ inches Ceramic Serving Bowl

Ceramic bowls in soothing colors can be used as a serving bowl or a salad bowl. The bowls from the ceramic collection have a rustic and contemporary look that can be added to any dinner set collection.

Classic 8″ inches Ceramic Serving Bowl

Ceramic bowls in soothing colors best for serving bowl or a salad bowl. It have a rustic and contemporary look that can be added to any dinner set collection.

Crocodile Flower Ceramic Artistic Bowl

This exquisite handcrafted Ceramic Artistic Bowl is perfect for kitchen décor, tableware, or as a luxury gift. Expertly created by skilled artisans in India, the Crocodile Flower bowl will add a touch of elegance to any home.

Cross Leg

This luxurious Cross Leg is the perfect addition to any dining table. This décor product Beautiful Basket, delightedly amazing shape which is manufactured from stainless steel metal with glossy finish those sparkles like sun rays and looks like elegant product.